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Leadership Retreat Update - Ohiopyle, PA

This past weekend, we held our first annual AE3 leadership retreat in scenic Ohiopyle, PA. The beautiful backdrop of the Laurel Highlands (next door to some of Frank Lloyd Wright's most famous visions of organic architecture) provided an inspirational setting. The retreat focused on our continued work around a Framework for P-12 Engineering Learning. Our goals for the retreat included a synthesis of data gathered during our symposium in June, revisiting important literature surrounding student learning in engineering, and envisioning/refining a framework structure that would be both immensely practical from a teacher and school level standpoint, yet grounded in the fundamental research about how children learn. In the wee hours of Sunday morning and as the chapters began to finally take shape, I was reminded of the level of commitment the leadership team has to our charge. The effort we are engaging in is truly "life's work". I am thankful for all those that share in the mission of ensuring that all students have the opportunity to think, learn, and act like an engineer! I am excited and eager to share our work as soon a possible. Stay tuned!




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