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Engineering Practices: Professionalism

Honoring Intellectual Property



Engineering Performance Matrix

Honoring Intellectual Property concerns protecting one’s work, and the work of others, to ensure that ideas, inventions, or innovations are not stolen, used without permission, or claimed as another’s work in order to uphold professional integrity in the creative pursuit that is engineering and design. This core concept includes knowledge related to (a) intellectual property terminology and regulations, (b) patents, copyright, and licensure, and (c) referencing sources and plagiarism. This core concept is important to Professionalism, as engineering professionals must honor and leverage the value of others’ creations and innovations and protect their own intellectual property to ensure the highest standards of quality and integrity are upheld when solving problems. In this area, students should learn a variety of intellectual properties and the process of accessing or applying for the intellectual properties.

Performance Goal for High School Learners

I can leverage the work of others, while protecting my own, following the appropriate, and ethical, conventions related to intellectual property.





I can distinguish between intellectual and physical property.

I can describe the processes for claiming intellectual property rights and accessing others’ intellectual properties.

I can evaluate laws pertaining to intellectual property items (e.g. patent, copyright, and trademark) and licenses (e.g. public domain/creative commons license types).


I can distinguish between patents, copyright, and licensure.

I can describe the general process of applying for a patent, copyright, or license.

I can develop the description of a certain invention or idea in the format of an application for a patent, copyright, or license.


I can describe the importance of properly referencing sources of information.

I can correctly apply a certain citing format (e.g. APA or MLA) to identify information sources.

I can evaluate the appropriateness of referenced sources of information in a variety of informative texts.

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