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Greg Strimel

Director of Transformative Research and Development
Assistant Professor, Engineering Technology Teacher Education,
Purdue University

Dr. Greg J. Strimel is an assistant professor of engineering technology teacher education in the Department of Technology Leadership & Innovation at Purdue University. Within this program he educates pre-service teachers on the processes of developing curriculum and maintaining learning facilities. Additionally, he coordinates the Design & Innovation minor program and serves as an advisor to the Technology and Engineering Education Collegiate Association, a study abroad leader, and a national event coordinator for the Testing Engineering Aptitude in Mathematics & Science organization. Strimel’s scholarly efforts are focused on increasing student design capabilities and helping to ensure that every student has the opportunity to act, think, and learn like an engineer. More specifically, his research is focused on enhancing the appropriately scaffolded teaching of P-12 engineering by studying engineering design-based instructional interventions and engineering design cognition. Through these efforts, he continues to strive toward improving the national landscape of STEM education.  

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