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Engineering Habits of Mind




Engineering Performance Matrix

Persistence is the ability to follow through with a course of action despite of the challenges and oppositions one may encounter. This ability also allows a person to continuously look for improvements in their operations. A persistent habit of mind enables an engineering literate individual to develop optimal solutions to problems and see a project to its completion, as well as meet established goals and deadlines. This Engineering Habit of Mind is important to Engineering Literacy as failure is expected, even embraced, as engineering literate individuals work to optimize a solution to a particular challenge. Engineering, particularly engineering design, is an iterative process. It involves trying and learning and trying again (NAE, 2019).

Performance Goal for High School Learners

By the end of secondary school, engineering literate students should be able to be persistent throughout the course of an engineering project/activity in order to meet the project’s objectives, uphold established deadlines, and be accountable for developing viable solutions to the problems they and others face.

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