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Amy Sabarre

Director of Implementation and Professional Development
Director of STEM Education
Harrisonburg City Public Schools

Amy Sabarre is the Director of K-12 STEM Education and K-5 Content Coordinator for Harrisonburg City Public Schools. Sabarre has been in Science/STEM education for 17 years. Amy has a Masters degree from Virginia Tech in Integrative STEM Education. In 2011 she began creating a vertical K-12 Integrative STEM education program in Harrisonburg and has continued to grow her school systems programs and commitment to STEM education. Sabarre also leads her school systems efforts in computer science, Project Based Learning and Performance Based Assessment. Amy is a strong advocate for STEM education for all. Most recently Sabarre was appointed to the Virginia Governor’s STEM commission and took the lead on the subcommittee for STEM Literacy. She has been active in establishing a Virginia STEM network since 2014. Sabarre has authored articles for NSTA and ITEEA and was a reviewer for the publication STEM Integration in K-12 Education: Status, Prospects, and an Agenda for Research. Amy is a mother and foster mom of five children.

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